Silver Cuff Bracelet

39.99 USD

Availability Coming Soon

We aren't currently making these, at this time, but are looking for ways to do so that will ensure high quality, heirloom bracelets.

Engraving and finishing the lettering involves a complex multi-step process to make the bracelets, and we had difficulty making consistently high-quality engraving on the bracelets, so, for the time being, we've decided to discontinue them.

While we don't offer them for sale currently, we anticipate being able to do so in January 2020.  Sign up on this specific email notification list here to be notified when they become available. 

The bracelet comes packaged in an ivory-coloured organza, silk drawstring pouch. One size fits all. (
sterling silver, 6 in. x 1/4 in.)

The bracelet is shaped and formed with pure sterling silver and deeply engraved with a word or phrase of your choice (to a maximum of 40 characters.)

The bracelet is thick enough that it will retain form yet at the same time malleable enough that one size will fit all, as it is completely adjustable.

The font for the bracelet is exactly the same as that seen in the picture.