How do I use the wreath?

Feel free to use the wreath however you like! If you're looking for ideas, perhaps you'd like to read our suggestions?

Do you sell candles to go with the wreath?

We're out of stock on candles as of February 1st 2018, but have ordered in new stock and Lordwilling will be able to start filling orders in the coming weeks.

What if you're out of stock?

If we're out of stock and you'd like to find your own candles, the diameter of candle (at the base) needs to be 3/4" (in metric, ~19mm). We recommend this set of candles from Amazon.

I have my own candles, but they don't quite fit?

We've had the occasional issue with this ourselves (perhaps the hole is a little too small, or the candles aren't quite the right size. If the candles are just a little oversized, perhaps try paring down the base of the candle with a small knife? (If you do this, make certain the base of the candle fits securely in the wreath; otherwise the candle may fall over while lit and be an extreme fire hazard.) Or if your candles are a little too small, try using a scrap of cloth wrapped around the base of the candle to fill the extra space (again, heeding the above warning about improperly secured candles).

Do you ship to my (non-US) country?

We'd love to! For Canadian orders, if you're having difficulties please let us know (checkout should work, but we've heard of the occasional problem). Outside of North America, we're not currently set up to make shipments, but we'd be happy to work with you to figure something out. Please drop us a line with your mailing address and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Do you still make Eucharisteo bracelets?

Short answer: we'd like to, but can't...

Long answer: it's a complex multi-step process to make the bracelets, and we had difficulty making consistently high-quality bracelets, so for the time being we've decided to discontinue them.

Helpful answer: while we don't offer them for sale currently, if you ordered one in the past and would like to replace it (lost, damaged, etc.) shoot us an email and we'll figure something out!