About Us

Our Story

Having visited Haiti twice, once with my mother and then with my family,  I was moved by  the hope and joy of our Compassion sponsored children -- and moved to bring more hope in Jesus' name to as many children in Haiti as we can. 


Our Mission

Our missional goal is to not only sponsor twelve children out of poverty through Compassion International, giving them gift of food, water, and an education centred around Christ, but to also donate 30 water filters to families in Africa. We are thrilled and humbly honored that your joy in JoyWares --- brings joy to families around the world.

Learn more about the children we plan to sponsor here.


Our Vision

Our vision is to make beautiful heirloom JoyWares for generations of families, inviting families into keeping joyful, grateful company with Jesus in their everyday lives. A portion of all profits of JoyWares reduce poverty in third world nations.



Caleb Voskamp                                                                                                                

Caleb is the founder and owner of JoyWares. He                                                      

is now an economics student at the University of Waterloo.                                              

His mother, Ann Voskamp, is a well known Christian                                                        

blogger. Aside from school and JoyWares, Caleb is                                                          

starting another company to improve the efficiency of raising