Jesse Tree Ornaments

58.50 USD

A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit...

If you are using a Jesse Tree Devotion this Christmas, marking the coming of Jesus, we hope these humble works, art work, ornaments, commemorating the wonderful story of our fall and His redemption by the sending of His Son, may be of service. 

The Jesse Tree Ornaments are original art works, but are at the same time meant to accompany existing Jesse Tree Devotions.

The finished ornaments will be made of antique bronze and encased in glass.

The artwork represented in each ornaments are as follows:

  1. Dead Stump with Green Shoot
  2. Creation of Earth
  3. The Tree in the Garden
  4. Noah's Ark
  5. Abraham's Tent
  6. Sandals
  7. Ram in Thicket
  8. Jacob's Ladder
  9. Joseph's Coat of Many Colors
  10. The Ten Commandments
  11. Rahab's Scarlet Rope
  12. Boaz's Sheaf of Wheat
  13. King David's Crown
  14. Candle
  15. Elijah's Fire
  16. Jonah's Fish
  17. Bethlehem
  18. Xerxes/Esther's Scepter
  19. Habakkuk's Watchtower
  20. Zechariah and Elizabeth
  21. Seashell for Rain in the Desert
  22. A Heart
  23. Joseph's Tools
  24. Jesus in the Manger
  25. The Great Star

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