Advent Numbered Candle and Copper Sleeve Combo

14.99 USD

Orders made today will ship Lordwilling on April 3rd.  

These custom made candles, are carefully numbered to match the wreath.  This also comes with a copper sleeve that slides over the candle to catch any wax that may drip, so that it doesn't get on the wreath. 

(Please note, the sleeve does not fit into the wreath, it rather rests as a sleeve *sort of like a ring on a finger* on the 3/4 inch candle.  The candle then sits in the wreath, and the sleeve catches any dribbles of wax.  The second and third picture may be useful in demonstrating this.)

This video my brother made, may also be useful :)

The candles are 15 inches of anti-drip wax, tall enough to last all of advent. They are also a perfect fit for our wreaths (at 3/4 of an inch rather than 7/8). The candles are made with tone and look of the wreath in mind, presenting the wreath with elegance to your whole family during Christmas. 

We made these candles to save you time, money and to rid you of the worry of finding candles, as it can be quite difficult to procure candles locally that fit perfectly with our wreaths. We've found these a lovely candles set to display, with the right taste to fit your décor. 

Creating a solid, smooth, stable place for the candles to stand ensures that the candles do not fall over while lit, avoiding a potential fire hazard.

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