A Messiah Manger

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*This is the manger. ūüėä Not the wreath and the manger*

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ÔĽŅ(If you are curious as to where to get a Lazy Susan to stage your table centrepiece on,¬†this¬†may be helpful).

This Christmas you can start a new tradition with your family, practicing giving, in preparation for the Greatest Gift. 

On December first, the star is removable from the manger (which can be placed at the center of you Cradle to Cross Wreath as you count down to His coming) and a family member starts out with it, and they have 24 hours to do a random act of kindness for another family member.  When they do so, they pass on the star, and may then add a straw to the manger. 

[If you are starting a little later in the season you could add two straws per day, or tweak as you see fit :) ]

The family member who has received the star, has 24 hours to do a random act of kindness and pass on the star. 

Day by day, the manger fills up with straw in preparation for Christmas, the coming of Christ; the Greatest Gift of all.  

The Messiah Manger is carefully made of cherry wood and stained with linseed oil.  We hope that this item will add to your family's Christmas tradition this coming year.  We envision that the Messiah Manger can be used both on its own or together with the Cradle to Cross Wreath.   

The Messiah Manger comes with the manger, the giving star, straw for the manger, and a baby Jesus.

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